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If you thought Bitcoin fever was under control, you are wrong! Bitcoin Bingo was borne out of it and is quickly taking root. Bingonearme is here to guide you gently down that path!

Now the fever has spread to gambling scenes and it is infecting every game. New levels of thrill, new possibilities and opportunities are being unraveled. Do you want to join the bandwagon?

If you are new to the online gambling scene, you will be forgiven for not knowing Bitcoin Bingo.

Bingo games have been around since the 1500s explaining the often-complex terminologies used in the game. The internet and the smartphone are making it possible for players to enjoy this casino favorite from the comforts of their homes or while on the move.

Additionally, players no longer have to queue in lines to purchase their bingo tickets. All this is now done using smartphones or computers meaning convenience and comfort are guaranteed.

Are You Internet Crime Proof?

As we conclude the first quarter of 2018, there are privacy concerns that need to be addressed. How secure is the data casino players provide when creating their accounts? Since casinos form part of the establishments that collect sensitive information from their clients, it’s only logical to be concerned with the safety of that data. Some of the details players provide when creating accounts at online casinos include:

  • Credit card information
  • Bank details
  • Identification details
  • Address

If the above details fall into the wrong hands in the event of a data breach, a casino player may become a victim of fraudulent activities that may culminate in the loss if finances and identity theft.

While the latter is seen as a worst-case scenario, there is always a possibility of the hackers using a victim’s details to secure credit, sinking the victim into a serious financial crisis.

If you are a fan of casino Bingo games, we would recommend the Bitcoin Bingo games.

Why Should You Try out Bitcoin Bingo?

If you are like many people, then maybe you are a bit skeptical about trying new things on the market. Some are scams and others are simply short-lived.

Bingo, despite its age and history, can be as new as Bitcoin. These reasons could convince you to be part of the revolution.

Freedom From Gambling Legal Restrictions

It’s common knowledge among veteran casino players that there are gambling restrictions in certain jurisdictions around the world. If you happen to be a native of such regions, accessing your favorite bingo games becomes a daunting task.

Since trusted and licensed casinos shy away from setting up operations in these regions, casino players are left at the mercy of weary casinos and casino operators. But you don’t have to be at the mercy of casino’s operating illegally in your jurisdiction thanks to Bitcoin Bingo casinos.

Ability To Cash Out, Anywhere

Players from any geographical location can access Bitcoin Bingo games without the fear of being locked out from accessing their winnings. Imagine not being able to claim a six-figure bingo prize because of your region. It is an atrocity, but what can you do! Signing up at a Bitcoin Bingo casino will guarantee that you receive your winnings irrespective of the country you originate from.

Ease Of Use

Trying to win is hard enough; who wants the extra hassle of opening an account? Sometime the thrill and adrenaline can’t wait, right?
There are several perks of having an account at a Bitcoin Bingo account. The most common one is the ease of setting up an account. In comparison to online casinos, players signing up at Bitcoin casinos do not have to provide credit card or bank details.

The fact that these details are not required makes the entire singing up process relatively shorter as no time is spent in the adding and ownership verification of banking details. This is perfect for players who want to dive straight into playing bingo games no strings attached.

Ability To Rise Above Casino Limits

Gambling insiders have it that “players (bingo players included) who often win at casinos have their account transactions limited.” What does this mean? If you are a regular winner, the casino will put a cap on the transactions you can make; this limits your winning.

Once a casino limits your account’s activities, subsequent trials at making substantial wagers become impossible as the casino has your identity details. But there is a remedy; having an account at Bitcoin Bingo casino.

The Sweet Anonymity

As we earlier mentioned, Bitcoin Bingo casinos do not collect user identification details. Players playing at Bitcoin Bingo casinos play anonymously. If you have discovered some bingo tactics that give you better chances of winning, you won’t have to worry about account limitations at Bitcoin Bingo accounts.

The benefits make you want to try it already, right?

But, where do you start? How about some of these Bitcoin Bingo casinos?

Examples of Bitcoin Bingo Casinos

Ignition Casino: The catchy name aside, Ignition Casino is one of the premier Bitcoin-accepting casinos in the world. Does the casino offer world-class service? It would be a joke if they didn’t, and since Ignition Casino doesn’t disappoint or joke with its business, players have the guarantee of receiving professional services from this casino. The Bitcoin Bingo games on offer at Ignition casino include; 30, 35, 45, 55, and 80 ball Bingo.

FortuneJack Casino: If you are looking for a Bitcoin Bingo casino that has an unrivaled reputation, FortuneJack is the go-to casino. Currently, FortuneJack is the most prominent Bitcoin-accepting casino in the gambling industry.

Other than opening doors to Bingo players across the world by accepting Bitcoins, FortuneJack offers welcome bonuses of up to 100% to players signing up at the casino. Since the bonuses the casino’s offer is in Bitcoins, players are advised to claim them immediately due to the price volatility of Bitcoins.

BitBingo Casino: There is no doubt that BitBingo is a specialist when it comes to Bitcoin Bingo games. In comparison to FortuneJack Casino and the Ignition Casino, BitBingo specializes in Bingo games. It offers players on their platform with 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo games. BitBingo also offers Bingo Jackpots and 200% welcome bonus. It is excellent for amateur players as 25% of the losses incurred by a beginner are refunded.

At this rate, many Bitcoin bingo casinos will be coming up and you will be spoilt for choice.

Our Take

Bitcoin Bingo is perfect for individuals who want enjoy bingo games from any part of the world without restrictions. The fact that players don’t need to provide identification details during registration at a Bitcoin Bingo casino implies that the player can enjoy anonymous gameplay.

To play at a Bitcoin Bingo at a casino, a player needs a bitcoin wallet that has some bitcoins in it. Since no credit card information, bank details, physical address, and identification information is required, players can enjoy the games without worrying that their sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands.

Bitcoin Bingo games, like regular Bingo games, are provably fair. The house maintains a low edge meaning that playing long enough increases your chances of winning significantly. And this is not all; there are proven ways to improve your winning chances at Bitcoin Bingo games.

With this information, you can confidently sign up at a Bitcoin Bingo casino and enjoy the thrill. Embrace new ways of gaming and who knows, that could be where your bingo charm lies.

Bitcoin Bingo
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